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Affrica Spence

With roots in Calgary Alberta, hopes and curiosity took Affrica from the West of Canada to Montreal then Toronto. All smirks and smiles, this second generation woman loves hard in family, friends and art. Be it painting, video work, design, or poetry, Affrica has always had a need to express. Her art has been a self taught passion which has allowed the artist a platform to explore their identity, femininity, and blackness.

Ses œuvres

I really wanted to celebrate womanhood, strength and the rich melanin that comes with the black package.
I have dealt with a large degree of mental health challenges and the thing about being lucky enough to be at a stage of “recovery” is that unlike so many who never snap out of their “ocean”, I have managed to by the grace of some being found my way back to a body that is still floating.
My most natural state is to nurture so I captured one of my favourite moments when doing just this, my partner’s head on my chest as I kiss them goodnight. 

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